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The Colors of Childhood
Imp of the Perverse
Jail Time Sober
Ojos del Cielo (Sky Eyes)

Liver for Dinner
No Longer a Maiden
Santa Tells a Story
Skidding on Butterflies
The Suitcase

Custer's Grave
Imp of the Perverse
Mustard Cravat
Paula's Visit
The Two-Day Moth

Death by Hairbrush
Uncle Rooster

The Suitcase

Running Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Style: Black comedy

Setting: An empty room with a chair, belt, orange, banana, and a suitcase.


CHRIS, male or female, any age

KELLY, male or female, any age

(Note: characters of the same sex should play the roles)

Plot Summary: Chris and Kelly, captive in an isolated locale, engage in head games involving a valise.

Kyorurykan Performance Hall, Kyoto, Japan, 2001
Source Theatre Company, Washington D.C., 1998
The Changing Scene, Denver, Colorado, 1995

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