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Custer's Grave
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Death by Hairbrush
Uncle Rooster

Custer's Grave

Running Time: Approximately 15 minutes

Style: Drama

Setting: Little Bighorn Battlefield owned by the National Park Service. The stage should be empty or, if not, the top of the bluff
and Custer's Grave may be representational.


CASH - male, early twenties, a seasonal park ranger.

TEX - male, early twenties, a seasonal park ranger.

ROSE - female, early twenties, a seasonal park ranger.

Plot Summary: Young seasonal park rangers dance on
Custer's Grave, not realizing that history has its own answers
for their defamation.

Notes: Finalist, Boulder Acting Group's New Play Festival, Boulder, Colorado, 2002

Boulder Acting Group, Boulder, Colorado, 2002

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