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The Colors of Childhood
Imp of the Perverse
Jail Time Sober
Ojos del Cielo (Sky Eyes)

Liver for Dinner
No Longer a Maiden
Santa Tells a Story
Skidding on Butterflies
The Suitcase

Custer's Grave
Imp of the Perverse
Mustard Cravat
Paula's Visit
The Two-Day Moth

Death by Hairbrush
Uncle Rooster

The Colors of Childhood

Running Time: Approximately two minutes

Style: Serious

Character: JULIA - a young adult female

Synopsis: Julia is reflecting on her childhood and offers
a sensitive account of an unsuspecting incident
that changed her life when she was twelve.

Published in Young Women's Monologs from Contemporary Plays (Meriwether, 2004)

One Night Stand Theatre, staged reading, Denver, CO, 2010
Chameleon Stage, staged reading, Denver, CO, 2002

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