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May 23: Announcing our cast for the June 11 “One Night Stand with Dave Brandl”: Linda Swanson Brown, Randy Diamon, Brett Ford, Scott Hasbrouck, Kelly Hasbrouck, Joi Hiatt, Erik Kemp, Jillian Price and Jeff Miller, along with newcomers Cody Devine and Jack Trembath. We also welcome Hannah Tippit (back after 4 years!) and Dave Brandl’s family of actors: Alison, Jessica, Stevie and Terry. Melissa Brandl Wheeler will be directing along with Cindy Hall, Brenda Hoskins and myself. Here are some snippets from the plays being presented that Sunday night: 

“Yes, dear, I am still here, I’m not dead yet.” – Bystander 

“I'm a funny god, Noah. Your grandfather, Methuselah, thinks I'm a stitch….This time I'm serious.” – Noah Wayah

May 4: Here is our lineup for “One Night Stand with Dave Brandl” on June 11. We’re featuring short plays, excerpts from long plays, and comedy skits from this Denver playwright and One Night Stand Theater regular!

·         The Biblical Flood gets a comic reboot in “Noah Wayah.”

·         A theater ghost takes over the One Night Stand show in “Murphy.”

·         Mysterious women lure vicious men to their doom in “Sirens.”

·         Teenagers share the highs and lows of high school life in “Columbine Innocency.”

·         A couple discovers their budding romance is scripted in “Places, Please!”

·         A man meets his new neighbors at the worst possible time in “Bystander.”

·         Quick shots of comedy are provided by “The Politically Correct Talk Radio Show,” “Complimentary Parking,” “Answering Machine” and “Nothing.”